24 Hours Race

Hat trick! For 3 consecutive years we have won the Tom van Rootselaar price (most miles monohull).

Friday night we left in light wind conditions on a schedule for 207 miles in 24 hours. During the morning this changed into 204.7 miles, a schedule we kept onto the finish. Speed, manoeuvres and routing wise we performed well. Proud!

It was an euphoric finish knowing that we broke the all-time mono-hull record for this 24 hour race: 204.7 miles, surprisingly in these light/moderate wind conditions.

Our euphoric mood was a little tempered when we found out we made a mistake in the finish line which made us lose 13 miles, and as such still won the most miles competition, but now with 191 miles. Not record this year.

Next year we'll try again to break the record, if we can do this in light/moderate conditions, we plan to smash the record next year hopefully with a bit more wind. We'll be back!'