Double Championship Win for Bushranger

Gerry Hatton's M.A.T. 1245 Bushranger won both the IRC and ORCi Rating Divisions at the Australian Yachting Championships in Sydney, Australia to wrap up a coveted double. Counting nothing but firsts and seconds under both scoring systems in an event that started in big southerly breezes and ended with light easterlies, Bushranger proved the versatility of the M.A.T. 1245 design and the tenacity of the long-established Bushranger team, now on their third boat of that name.

The Hattons are very enthusiastic about the boat "Thanks for designing such an amazing boat. The M.A.T. 1245 is not only a beautiful boat to sail, but it rates incredibly well too ." The Australian Yachting Championships are following a growing trend worldwide to combine racing under both IRC and ORCi,and embrace a wider variety of course types, in this case including two days of coastal courses outside the Sydney Heads.