M.A.T. 1010

On the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first M.A.T.10, the production of a new 10 meter racer/cruiser was completed by M.A.T. Named M.A.T. 1010, this model is the flower of the experience accumulated of both the designer Mark Mills, and the firm M.A.T.
Featuring aggressive lines, a gargantuan cockpit, a well-balanced sail plan, and an innovative and wide hull, M.A.T. 1010 is the result of the experience gathered in IRC races. Its unconventional and original interior arrangement makes it a comfortable alternative to cruisers, while its stellar performance renders it a worthy opponent to the rest of IRC fleet.
Hull 1 is shipped for its voyage to Cowes, UK.
February 2011
M.A.T. 1010