"We are a family of experienced sailors and sailing is in our blood ever since we were kids. My father had his own constructing company and we were raised in a family that taught us to pay attention to details. He also built his own yachts. So we spent our weekends on the boat rather than the beach.
These childhood memories have driven us to live out of our passion and our education in architecture has shaped us to see details and to master construction.
As both sailors and racers we understand the needs of a racer on a boat. We constantly exchange ideas and communicate with our racing customers to excel in our design and building process and we like to test ourselves each of our model on sea. As a businessman, we understand that every investment needs to get good returns.
This particular background that combines our skills, experience and understanding of the business lead us to build strong boats that are easy to maintain, fun to race with and look stylish."
Alp Somer