Continuous Progress

" VAI is the process of evacuating the air in between all the materials involved in a composite part and then replacing these voids by a resin. The method has many benefits: The structure is free of voids. Resin will fill every little gap that is under vacuum. There is hardly any limitation as to the size of the structure, it can be infused without creating any secondary bonding. This cannot be achieved with hand laminating or vacuum bagging because the open window for the resin is limited. The quality of a hand laminate is greatly depending on the workers. In infusion the styrene emission is next to zero, a much cleaner environment is attractive to the labor force. A 65/35 glass/resin contents is normal with infusion. You can save up to 40% on resin. Less labor, less weight but a much better quality."
Kark Mula - Composite consultant
M.A.T. never stops to invest in and acquire newest production technologies, with the support of international engineering firms and material producers.