BAYK Winter Trophy

12-13 January, 1st leg
M.A.T. 12 03/Toka Sailing Team proved her superiority in IRC A division, winning the first place in her first race just a few weeks after her launch.
As per the tradition, Matador, Norm, and Şah-Mat, all M.A.T. 10 boats, shared the first three places in IRC B division, winning the respective cups.
9-10 February, 2nd leg
In the first race of the 2nd leg, which took start amidst challenging weather conditions, M.A.T. 12 03 made the best adjusted time within the whole IRC fleet, despite the loss of invaluable 6 minutes to change the damaged jib.
Not surprisingly, M.A.T. 12 came out as the winner of the leg.
BAYK Winter Trophy